"The workplace is a unique laboratory where personal and interpersonal growth are tightly intertwined. What better place is there to explore who you are and who you want to be?"

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Influenced by humanistic psychology, adult development theory, and organizational psychology, we have supported professionals and leaders to make real changes – for themselves, their teams, and their organizations – by growing from the inside out in lasting, transformative ways

Up At Work

For nearly two decades, as therapists and executive coaches, we have advised hundreds of employees, managers, and leaders on how to cultivate authentic leadership, emotional intelligence, and conscious collaboration. Over and again, we saw how  work gives us a chance to grow up: to learn about ourselves, to better understand our core beliefs and assumptions, and to truly see the effect we can have on others.

Growing Up at Work explores how you can

  • transform into an emotionally mature leader and co-create healthy employees, teams, and organizations—and enhance your influence;
  • achieve authentic, positive, lasting leadership growth through self-awareness and openness to deep personal growth;
  • realize extraordinary results if you choose to grow from the inside out.

Presenting inspiring real-life case studies, we examine how resolving professional and leadership dilemmas can lead you on a dynamic journey of personal growth and evolution.

Learn more about the patterns we noticed across hundreds of leadership coaching engagements – and which practices can help you overcome self-imposed limitations. 

What They
Say About US

  • “A truly revolutionary book, transforming how we see personal and professional growth in the workplace. Growing Up at Work’s riveting stories are the ultimate guide to becoming more emotionally and socially mature, both at work and at home.”

    Marshall Goldsmith

    New York Times No. 1 bestselling author of Triggers, Mojo, and What Got You Here Won't Get You There
  • “This is a deeply insightful and practical book. It brings individuals to life right before your eyes. Yael Sivi and Yosh Beier are great storytellers and clear explicators—you’ll welcome their voice.”

    Bob Kaplan, PhD

    Author of The Versatile Leader and creator of the Leadership Versatility Index
  • “Their book beautifully brings complex theory into practice. Through engaging, detailed client stories, Sivi and Beier elegantly convey how Adult Development Theory and Gestalt come to life in their work with clients. Professionals, leaders, and coaches will all benefit from this book and the wisdom and experience it offers.”

    Lisa Laskow Lahey, Ed.D, author, Harvard School of Education professor

    Co-author of Immunity to Change and An Everyday Culture
  • “Growing Up At Work took me on an adventure of learning about myself, my leadership, and how the two are inextricably interconnected. Sivi and Beier unpack complex concepts and forge a pathway for us to find our centers through vibrant, deeply human stories in which you are guaranteed to see yourself and others. A tour de force.”

    Robert Bank

    President and CEO, American Jewish World Services
  • “Growing Up at Work is an important, unique, and moving account of the journeys of people who do exactly what the title says: grow up at work. The book is unusual because it combines the theory of Gestalt psychotherapy with its more universal application outside of the therapy room. This book will touch the reader and inspire the work of change, discovery, and courage.”

    Johanna Barret, LCSW, ACSW

    Faculty at Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy
  • “I have seen firsthand how Yael’s insights and experiences have significantly impacted the over 120 participants she has taught in the Emerging Leaders program of Princeton AlumniCorps. As the lead facilitator, she has fostered a space for authentic and experiential learning and transformation. I’m thrilled that this book will provide her perceptive and actionable advice to a broader audience.”

    Kef Kasdin

    Board President and former Executive Director at Princeton AlumniCorps
  • “This book is truly inspired and inspiring. Yael and Yosh bring a wealth of compassionate and practical wisdom those wishing to embody more skillful leadership. Creatively combining psychological understanding along with decades of organizational experience, they offer profound guidance on what it means to heal and to grow, not just as leaders but as human beings—and not just at the workplace but in all of one’s life.”

    Laura O'Loughlin, LCSW

    Co-founder and Dharma teacher, Brooklyn Zen Center
  • “This book offers the much-needed reminder that our private and public lives are not separate: how we navigate our inner worlds is how we show up at work. Yael and Yosh, through clear and relatable storytelling, show us that to be effective at work, we must ‘do our inner work’. Having been personally coached by them, I can assure readers that Yael and Yosh’s practical and reflective tools will lead to both greater personal and business success.”

    Kerry Faherty

    Cofounder and Chief Impact Officer, Faherty Brand
  • “Growing Up at Work is a must-read for anyone in a leadership position. As someone who has personally been coached by Yael Sivi, I have experienced firsthand how the teachings in this book open the door to stronger and more emotionally intelligent leadership.”

    Sarah Larson Levey

    Founder/CEO of Y-7 Studio

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Common Growing
Up At Work

"Do your best "inner work" while you work. Work, literally, gives us the chance to grow up."


Who is Growing
Up at Work For?

This book is for all professionals – especially those who are young, new to the workplace, or new to their roles. It’s for anyone who wants to mature or who wants to lead more effectively. Overall, this is a book for those who bring a sense of curiosity, commitment, and psychological openness to their career growth.

Emerging Leaders

People new to their roles - team leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs - who
want to lead effectively while bringing their "whole selves" to work

Senior Leaders

Seasoned professionals and mature leaders with a curiosity to cultivate their
own emotional maturity, authenticity, and integrity - or who may wish to
understand why they have stalled out career-wise

Coaches & Therapists

Leadership/Executive coaches, psychotherapists, or organizational consultants
curious to learn how others work with clients facing similar issues for their
professional development

Anyone interested in personal and professional growth

Any reader interested in self-help, personal, and psychological growth
who appreciates well-written accounts journey of growth
and an invitation to reflect

Meet the



Co-Founder, Executive Coach

Yael brings over two decades of experience as a consultant and executive coach for Fortune 1000 and nonprofit organizations. She works with individuals, leaders, and teams to help them understand the human issues that can interfere with their success, and supports leaders to build creative, productive, and healthy teams

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Co-Founder, Executive Coach

Yosh’s work as an executive coach, facilitator, and leadership consultant is influenced by trainings in natural science as well as counseling and mediation. He brings two decades of experience supporting leaders and teams to collaborate more effectively, support their decision-making, and create high-performing team cultures

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Keynote Requests

Yael has a track-record of being an engaging keynote speaker and presenter at conferences and company events – noted for her ability to invite humor and curiosity into the conversation. For years, she has been a top-ranked guest speaker at the annual Security Industries’ Institute at Wharton. 

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