Podcast Episode 10: Carlo Giardinetti – Self-Organizing Teams & Holacracy

A Conversation with Carlo Giardinetti A Conscious Collaboration Podcast In this episode, Yosh discusses aspects of self-organization and self-management with Carlo Giardinetti, an educator, educational leader, and Holacracy expert. Carlo is an expert practitioner of self-organization principles and a certified Holacracy Facilitator. After a career as a professional soccer player in Italy, Carlo moved into a fast-advancing career in the hospitality industry […]

Your Vision, Their Vision — Our Vision

How to Enhance Ideas through Team Collaboration “If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two […]

Podcast Episode 7: A Conversation with Laura Quiros

A Conversation with Laura Quiros A Conscious Collaboration Podcast This podcast explores perspectives on what enables conscious collaboration in a given context or field. In this episode, Yael and Dr. Laura Quiros discuss what conscious collaboration involves vis-a-vis not just work style differences but in the face of more fundamental differences of race or gender. Dr. […]

Podcast Episode 6: A Conversation with Vincent Chang

A Conversation with Vincent Chang A Conscious Collaboration Podcast In this episode, Yosh speaks with Vincent Chang, architect and partner at Grimshaw Global, about collaboration in the context of architecture and why he considers receptivity and reflection key characteristics of a conscious collaborator. Grimshaw Global is an architecture firm originating from the UK. Grimshaw Global designs and executes large scale […]

Why Smart People Defend Stupid Ideas

Why do smart people defend stupid ideas?
organizational psychologists found that increased engagement with an idea impacts how open to changing that idea we are. But there is a twist

Podcast: Why Are There So Few High-performing Teams

Systemic Team Coaching… …like no other team development approach, supports teams to grow collaborative practices that result in high-performance and increased levels of team effectiveness, learning, and innovation. In this team coaching zone podcast, executive coaches and team effectiveness consultants Yael Sivi and Yosh Beier compare notes from the field where theory meets practice. PS: Want […]

The Elusiveness Of The Perfect Team

What’s Getting In the Way — And What to Do About It Why is it so difficult to turn good teams into great teams? The need for high group intelligence and collaboration is compelling and clear: The Harvard Business Review recently published a study that found time spent in collaborative activities has increased by more […]