The Antidote for Arrogance

The meteoric rise of WeWork was the kind of story that startup fairy tales are made of: immigrant founder, a unique concept that taps the zeitgeist,  promises of industry disruption, and lots of capital available for scaling up. Though the company’s quick growth and audacious (if not utopic) vision were central to its narrative, WeWork’s […]

What Having a Self-Authoring Mind Means

Our clients know we are big fans of Kegan’s and Lahey’s work on adult development theory. We use this framework in our leadership coaching and team development work because it really brings a conceptual angle to our real-world experience that personal and professional growth are deeply related. (More about it here…) I republish below a […]

The Omnipresence of “Am I Enough?”

The impostor syndrome – whereby perfectly competent people struggle to attribute their achievements to their hard work, skills, or wit – can show as a specific form of self-doubt. In the past week I have had nearly the same therapy/coaching session three times with three different clients: An executive woman in a government agency who can’t […]

Is Learning The Same As Growth?

When a flower grows it doesn’t just grow larger, it changes form. When a tree grows it doesn’t “overcome” its inner rings – it expands around its central core. In nature, we find perfect analogies for how growth works. The same is true for people and teams. Professional growth isn’t just about learning (cognitive improvements […]

An Executive Coach Explains 9 Ways Leaders Often Sabotage Their Own Coaching

New Year, New You? How Not to Sabotage Your Growth (Or Your Executive Coach) It’s the New Year. As is custom, many people start the year with good intentions. As an executive coach, I observe that rite of passage each year: every early January brings a markedly increased number of inquiries for coaching. Most people, though, […]

John Mattone: Expert Interview with Yosh Beier about Collaboration and Leadership

Expert Interview Series: Yosh Beier of Collaborative Coaching About Collaboration and Leadership in Today’s Companies NOVEMBER 30, 2016 BY JOHN MATTONE Yosh Beier is an executive coach and co-founder of Collaborative Coaching. He coaches leaders and teams to co-create collaborative, meaningful work cultures that drive both personal and organizational growth. We had a chance to […]

Highly Gifted? How NOT to Annoy Your Colleagues…

Let’s just assume you tested your IQ and you came out above 130. That, technically, makes you a highly-gifted person by many definitions social or organizational psychologists use. It also puts you disproportionally at risk of struggling with career issues if you choose to work for a bigger organization. High intelligence doesn’t necessarily mean career […]