Want to increase the collective intelligence of your team? Invite more women.

With all the hopes and promises of open innovation, team-based creativity, and peer-driven collaboration, effective ways to increase collective intelligence are hotly debated. One repeatedly replicated finding is that IQs of individual members don’t correlate with a group’s collective intelligence – measured by its ability to solve complex problems and to make effective decisions. In […]

Four Things We Can Do to Evolve Cooperation in Teams

Imagine, when interacting with our team members, we had the luxury of systematically trying different cooperation strategies to find out what works best in the long run. Is it treating others the way I wish to be treated? Or the way they wish to be treated? Is it exclusive competition, the tight grip on self-interest, […]

The Magic Bullet Even Google Couldn’t Find

As recently reported by the New York Times, Google unleashed its analytical power in-house as a part of Google’s management effectiveness project. Applying its data mining genius, Google dug through thousands of performance reviews and other forms of data evaluating managers’ effectiveness in its “quest to build a better boss”. (NY Times, Mar-12-2011) What qualities […]

Working With a Dysfunctional Boss

When does a boss go from being difficult to being dysfunctional? And what can you do if the dysfunctional boss is your boss? My coaching work with Suzanne (not her real name) began in an effort to help her get along better with her manager, Bill. Since this is a fairly common coaching goal, I […]

Team & Business Trends Point to Increased Collaboration

In just a few decades the nature of work – what we do and how we do it and with whom – has radically transformed itself – triggered by technological and business model innovation, globalization, and changing expectations of the next generation of employees and co-workers. To tap the promise of growth & innovation, the […]

Collaborative Coaching – In a Nutshell

We developed Collaborative Coaching after facilitating hundreds of focus groups, interviews, and training sessions in organizations with thousands of employees and leaders. Over and over we have heard similar themes, across industries and geographies, about human dynamics at work: