The Antidote for Arrogance

The meteoric rise of WeWork was the kind of story that startup fairy tales are made of: immigrant founder, a unique concept that taps the zeitgeist,  promises of industry disruption, and lots of capital available for scaling up. Though the company’s quick growth and audacious (if not utopic) vision were central to its narrative, WeWork’s […]

What Having a Self-Authoring Mind Means

Our clients know we are big fans of Kegan’s and Lahey’s work on adult development theory. We use this framework in our leadership coaching and team development work because it really brings a conceptual angle to our real-world experience that personal and professional growth are deeply related. (More about it here…) I republish below a […]

Being Conscious about Our Commitments

Our clients know us as voracious readers. By popular demand, we are excited to provide you with select (and growing) reading list. As an additional way to invite readers into new ideas, we will be sharing thoughts about one book per newsletter. (Sign up if you want in the sidebar section…) These book summaries are […]

Balancing Urgency & Patience

Leadership Test: Can You Be Ambitious and Patient at the Same Time? Scott Fitzgerald famously said that “the test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.” Let’s apply that to “going far” and “going fast”. So often, […]

Watching Leaders Emerge

In February I had the honor of celebrating the newest class of Emerging Leaders, a bright, committed group of social sector leaders who completed the nine-month program I facilitate on behalf of Princeton AlumniCorps. At the end of our last class, each of the leaders gave brief talks to the group about what the program […]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Teaches Us About Millennial Leaders

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (or @AOC, as her twitter handle became a popular way of referring to her) has been a US Representative for less than two weeks, but she’s already demonstrating her leadership style. While her political beliefs are informed by being a “democratic socialist,” her approach to leadership feels strongly influenced by being a Millennial. […]

Don’t Rush Reflection

It’s holiday time once again, as well as year’s end. Endings turn into beginnings. Closure, review, outlook, and intentions fill the air. I have been here before – and, unfortunately, this precious annual ritual doesn’t always deliver as much rest, clarity, and resolve as I would hope for. I know from my coaching work I’m […]

Relationship Trouble at Work: How the Past Lives in the Present

As an executive coach, one aspect of my work involves supporting workplace relationships to move from being dysfunctional to being healthier. Here, I’m guided by a key concept from psychotherapy called transference. Put simply, transference is a way human beings unconsciously transfer old family patterns experienced as children into our current lives with other adults. […]

What Does Mister Rogers Have To Do With Work? Everything.

Last night I saw the new documentary, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” about Mister Rogers. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but within the first five minutes I started tearing up – and, subsequently, I wept on and off throughout the entire film – mostly out of feeling moved by the story about a […]

The Omnipresence of “Am I Enough?”

The impostor syndrome – whereby perfectly competent people struggle to attribute their achievements to their hard work, skills, or wit – can show as a specific form of self-doubt. In the past week I have had nearly the same therapy/coaching session three times with three different clients: An executive woman in a government agency who can’t […]