Give The Gift Of Grace In Difficult Conversations

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text] Difficult conversations are – yes – difficult. All of us tend to avoid them – either entirely or by waiting too long to initiate a clearing conversation. While having a difficult conversation is hard already, having it with grace raises the bar. We challenge ourselves – and you – to do just that. […]

Podcast Episode 10: Carlo Giardinetti – Self-Organizing Teams & Holacracy

A Conversation with Carlo Giardinetti A Conscious Collaboration Podcast In this episode, Yosh discusses aspects of self-organization and self-management with Carlo Giardinetti, an educator, educational leader, and Holacracy expert. Carlo is an expert practitioner of self-organization principles and a certified Holacracy Facilitator. After a career as a professional soccer player in Italy, Carlo moved into a fast-advancing career in the hospitality industry […]

Podcast Episode 9: A Conversation with Dr. Paul Zak – The Neuroscience of Trust

A Conversation with Paul Zak A Conscious Collaboration Podcast In this episode, Yosh explores with Paul his work on the neuroscience of trust – and discuss how understanding trust on a neurological level helps leaders and teams deepen collaboration. Dr. Paul Zak is a scientist, public speaker, and author of several books such as “The Moral […]

Being Conscious about Our Commitments

Our clients know us as voracious readers. By popular demand, we are excited to provide you with select (and growing) reading list. As an additional way to invite readers into new ideas, we will be sharing thoughts about one book per newsletter. (Sign up if you want in the sidebar section…) These book summaries are […]

What’s Love Got to Do with High-Performing Teams?

I recently spoke with Dr. Paul Zak on our Conscious Collaboration Podcast about the neuroscience of trust. I had become aware of Paul’s work several years ago and republish below an article I wrote at that time for Forbes. So, what has love got to do with it – “it” being building high-performing teams? The answer […]

Podcast Episode 8: A Conversation with Natalie Rast from Y7 Studio

A Conversation with Natalie Rast A Conscious Collaboration Podcast In this episode, Yael and Natalie discuss team growth and culture building – and the work Y7’s leadership team engaged in over the course of two+ years. Natalie Rast, SHRM-CP, is the Head of People at Y7 Studio. Y7, a rapidly expanding and widely popular yoga studio with […]

Why Stakeholders Aren’t Really behind Your Strategy Statement

A Field Guide For Creating Real Momentum Among Teams Nearly all leaders I meet love strategy as a topic. They talk and think about it a fair lot. In many organizations, however, strategic projections remain lofty visions while actual performance lags. Have a look at this graph from McKinsey: Notice the lines of optimistically projected […]

Best of Both: Get Cross-Functional And Strategic Alignment In One Swoop

A clear business strategy is a crucial strategic tool for any organization that wants effective action where it matters most. Virtually all professionals – from frontline to boardroom – know the frustration and disappointment that results from not having a clear strategy. Without it, there is nothing to inspire powerful decisions or align efforts across […]

Why Smart People Defend Stupid Ideas

Why do smart people defend stupid ideas?
organizational psychologists found that increased engagement with an idea impacts how open to changing that idea we are. But there is a twist

Where Team Building Doesn’t Deliver – But Team Development Does

Team Building has become a common practice due to an undeniable truth: Collaboration is the key to success. That’s the buzz the Harvard Business Review created in “Collaborative Overload” where they revealed, “…the time spent by managers and employees in collaborative activities has ballooned by 50% or more in the past 2 decades.” In the […]