Values Eat Strategy For Breakfast

Lessons from Boeing’s 737 Max 8 Disaster It’s perhaps one of the most passed around Peter Drucker quotes: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Values can do that, too. Just take a look at Boeing these days – in the news with headlines such as “Boeing values profits over lives”. When facilitating strategy workshops with leadership […]

Why Stakeholders Aren’t Really behind Your Strategy Statement

A Field Guide For Creating Real Momentum Among Teams Nearly all leaders I meet love strategy as a topic. They talk and think about it a fair lot. In many organizations, however, strategic projections remain lofty visions while actual performance lags. Have a look at this graph from McKinsey: Notice the lines of optimistically projected […]

Best of Both: Get Cross-Functional And Strategic Alignment In One Swoop

A clear business strategy is a crucial strategic tool for any organization that wants effective action where it matters most. Virtually all professionals – from frontline to boardroom – know the frustration and disappointment that results from not having a clear strategy. Without it, there is nothing to inspire powerful decisions or align efforts across […]