Is Learning The Same As Growth?

When a flower grows it doesn’t just grow larger, it changes form. When a tree grows it doesn’t “overcome” its inner rings – it expands around its central core. In nature, we find perfect analogies for how growth works. The same is true for people and teams. Professional growth isn’t just about learning (cognitive improvements […]

Podcast: Why Are There So Few High-performing Teams

Systemic Team Coaching… …like no other team development approach, supports teams to grow collaborative practices that result in high-performance and increased levels of team effectiveness, learning, and innovation. In this team coaching zone podcast, executive coaches and team effectiveness consultants Yael Sivi and Yosh Beier compare notes from the field where theory meets practice. PS: Want […]

The Elusiveness Of The Perfect Team

What’s Getting In the Way — And What to Do About It Why is it so difficult to turn good teams into great teams? The need for high group intelligence and collaboration is compelling and clear: The Harvard Business Review recently published a study that found time spent in collaborative activities has increased by more […]