Evidence-based People Management – Google Pushes On…

It’s been a while since Google’s “Project Oxygen” got a lot of press. Google’s people analytics team has been looking for the crucial characteristics of outstanding managers. But that’s not all there is. I find it fascinating to observe how an evidence-based approach to people management becomes ever more ubiquitous. If you haven’t read The […]

Marissa Mayer – The Perils of Avoiding Straight Talk

For the past week, Marissa Mayer’s decision to corral the Yahoos has been captivating media outlets and HR professionals. Competitors and work practice experts have been heavily criticizing Meyer’s decision as setback and regression. Trailblazers such as Sir Richard Branson repeated their firm belief that the office is a thing of the past. Gender equity […]

Team Collaboration — Reloaded

Today’s business and social goals can’t be accomplished by any one of us alone. Our success depends on each other. While that’s probably no news to you, it’s worthwhile to remind ourselves of it. How many teams or organizations make a wholehearted effort to live up to this evident truth? Clearly, some do. Look at […]

Competencies Required in Leaders of the Future

The most recent 2012 Towers Watson Global Workforce Study is out – and finds that “companies are running 21st-century business practices with 20-th century workplace practices and programs”. More and more businesses and organizations struggle to maintain engagement over time. While factors such as stress, concerns about job security, having to do more with less […]

Can You Say What Your Culture Is?

We have been using the Harvard Business Review classic “Can you say what your strategy is?” lately when facilitating strategy retreats with leadership teams. The article’s authors challenge leaders to describe their strategy in 35 words or less. Try for yourself: You will rarely see a very aligned set of responses with this simple and […]

Improving Your Team’s “Signal to Noise” Ratio

Imagine you are in a room with loud music. Next to you is a friend who hardly hears what you have to say. You have two choices: Yell louder – or turn down the music. What will you do? Many times, our workplaces are just like that: Too much competes for our attention – deadlines, […]

Group Intelligence: Testosterone Disrupts Collaboration

A few months ago I wrote about some interesting findings from MIT’s Center for Collective Intelligence. Looking into what supports group intelligence, the researchers found that individual intelligence of group members did not impact group intelligence as much as having more women on the team. (Want to increase the collective intelligence on your team? Invite […]

The Collaboration Controversy

Welcome to thinking against the grain: Both the New York Times (The Rise of the New Group Think) and the New Yorker Magazine (Group Think: Brainstoming Doesn’t Really Work) presented within a week articles challenging an understanding of collaboration as non-criticizing group work. Perhaps our beliefs about what constitutes great collaboration are off the mark? […]

What Bees Do Better Than Most Teams

What supports teams to make good decisions – and to make them efficiently? What kind of leadership is required to support the quality of collective decision-making? And will that quality be compromised in the absence of a “central guiding authority”? Tapping the promises of diversity of thought, crowd-sourcing, and of co-created, open innovation hinges on […]

Team Effectiveness Study Pilot Results

What makes team members team players? Collaborative Coaching and Resonance Strategies combine their experience in organizational/team effectiveness and in employee research to explore this question. While team-based work has become the predominant form of collaboration, few teams truly know how to collaborate. Many just go through the motions. The “problem” is that collaboration cannot be […]